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Think About it, #3

The people today who believe wearing a mask matters because someone on TV told them so without proof… are the same people who yesterday believed secondhand smoke kills others because someone on TV told them so without proof.

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And I Quote #1

“When on occasion I’m asked by groups of aspiring writers what they should do to get on, my advice is always, emphatically, smoke. Smoke often and smoke with gusto. It’s a little known, indeed little researched, fact of literature and journalism that no non-smoker is worth reading. And writers who give up become crashing bores.” –A.A. Gill

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Health Benefits of Smoking, #1

There are actually numerous little-known health benefits to smoking which have to be weighed alongside potential risks. As efforts in the 60s and 70s to warn people about the then-unknown risks of smoking turned into a frenzy to obliterate smokers from the face of the planet, the health benefits of smoking and nicotine became more and more suppressed.

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Here’s a Tip #1

When someone attempts to impose their will on you by saying you should quit smoking – or asking when you will quit smoking – just tell them you will as soon as THEY quit all the unhealthy and risky things THEY do.

From that point forward, constantly ask them if they’ve quit everything yet!

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