Sites Since April 1, 1996, has had a discernible impact in the fight against junk science and garnered numerous awards.

American Liberty: Unfounded Scares About Secondhand Smoke: Outlines components in SHS, showing quantities encountered in real-world situations are nothing to be even remotely worried about.

SmokeScreens: The author has spent 8+ years researching the anti-smoking front, and has spoken with various members of the health and medical professions.

Tobacco Analysis: Former member of a major ABC cancer “charity” does a phenomenal job debunking anti-smoking and anti-vaping junk science and public policies.

Models Up Close: Huge quantity of visuals and high-quality stock videos of people smoking.

Secondhand Smoke: the “no threshold Scare: The author does a good job explaining why secondhand smoke is not a health threat. Any honest person looking even just a little deeper beyond the mainstream narrative would agree

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