Commercials and Consequences: Premarin

For translation:
This video contains a commercial for the pharmaceutical product Premarin, followed by a video detailing a class-action lawsuit against Premarin for allegedly causing cancer, cardiovascular disease, and a wide range of other medical issues.

The anti smoking “movement” is funded mainly by the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma is one of the biggest lobbies on earth. Almost every anti-smoking restriction, tax, smoking ban, and vaping ban is instigated by Big Pharma in order to corner smokers and vapers into buying their nicotine pills, patches, and gum instead.

Despite their cancer-causing products, anti-smoking groups like the American Cancer Society have no issue taking Big Pharma donations and using them to combat smokers… because “smoking is bad for you.” To push for stricter anti-smoking measures, Big Pharma “donates” hundreds of millions to politicians, anti-smoking groups, and government bodies like the CDC and WHO. The pharmaceutical industry has vanquished what was once “big” tobacco, and has taken over its old tactics. How many diseases over the years were caused by pharmaceuticals, but blamed on smoking?

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