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Despite potential risks, people who love to ski can feel free to talk about it without fear of ridicule or harassment. Motorcycle enthusiasts create clubs, despite their passion’s potential to lead to instant death. Alcohol is a class-1 cancer-causing carcinogen, according to the IARC, yet everyone’s talking about microbrewing in their own basement. The list goes on and on – after all, no activity is without risk.

But smoking is different.

Unfortunately, thanks to a well-organized worldwide campaign fueled by hatred, bigotry, and pharmaceutical money, the freedom of speech, pride, and camaraderie enjoyed by other groups of hobbyists has, until now, not been afforded to smokers. We have one of the few “risky” hobbies which has become acceptable to destroy. In fact, the entire culture which used to surround smoking has been obliterated, intentionally, by those who profit from doing so.

But now, we have FumaClub. Photos, videos, essays, information and resources can be found here, but more importantly, this is a place where smokers can feel welcome; a cultural center where we can discuss smoking without fear of ridicule or harassment.

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Think About it, #3

The people today who believe wearing a mask matters because someone on TV told them so without proof… are the same people who yesterday believed secondhand smoke kills others because someone on TV told them so without proof.

Smoking History Lesson, #2: The 1500s

If anti-smokers are just after smokers “for their own good,” why have they been at it since before anyone knew it’s “bad” for you?

Always Share (A Link), #3

Sackstark.info – A german site (Google will let you translate) discussing the secondhand smoke fraud, junk science, and other related topics.